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Concrete Coatings for Cannabis Cultivation Sites, Extractable Labs & Dispensaries 

With cannabis production and distribution still in its infancy, these businesses must ensure full regulation compliance. Commercial and industrial floor coatings is one of the top safety considerations for growing facilities and production sites. 

Download our guide to better understand the considerations that must be addressed in marijuana growing and retail production facilities. 

This guide includes tips and assessments to help you:

  • Reverse engineer a commercial or industrial floor system that reduces the need to renovate or repair.

  • Examine different cultivation sites and production facilities spaces and the individual stressors of each space that can compromise the integrity of a floor system.

  • Style a durable, compliant floor that can be customized to support brand awareness and the unique aesthetics of your space.

  • Determine your unique requirements and sample Black Bear's client portfolio of completed projects for businesses including Garden Remedies, Commonwealth Alternative Care and MassMedicum